Friday, March 4, 2011

"Brainless" Brats

No, this is not a commentary on neocon Republicans in the Texas House. Rather, here's my sure-fire, idiot proof recipe for bratwursts with that Regensburg taste.

Foil Smoke Pack
Bratwursts (Johnsonville, Omaha Steaks, or others), 4-8
Ein Glas Bier (whatever you have on hand)

Make a foil smoke pack by soaking a couple of ounces of hickory chips in water for an hour. Place the chips in an aluminum foil packet, and perforate with a fork to make smoke vents. Place the foil smoke pack on your charcoals, lava rocks, or heat exchanger.
Close cover and preheat grill to High until the foil packet begins to steam and produce hickory smoke.

On a separate burner, bring half a beer to a slow, rolling boil. I use a wok to conserve beer. Boil the brats in beer for 15 minutes, turning halfway through the boiling time. Add more beer as needed. Save some for yourself.

Try to get a uniform color on the boiled brats, they will "plump up". Make Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes, such as, "I'm here to plump you up".

Place the boiled brats on your hot grill, turning down heat to Medium High.  Close cover and grill for 18-20 minutes, turning at halfway point.

Serve on a roll or hot dog bun with Bavarian mustard and kraut, with a pickle spear on the side. Sehr gut!

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