Friday, March 16, 2012

The Talking Dog II

It seems a young fellow got accepted into the University of Texas, and, being a country boy, decided to take his Blue Tick hunting dog to Austin with him, and sneak him into the dorm for company.

Well, like a lot of kids at UT, the boy got into drinking a little too much Lone Star and playing just a little too much 'Texas Hold 'Em' with his buddies at Jester Hall. In other words, he was going broke and spending all of the money his Daddy had given him for the semester.

He hatched up a plan, and called Daddy. He told his dad that one of the professors had a course that could teach a dog to speak! Blue is an intelligent hound, and he told his Daddy that he was sure that, for a thousand dollars, the Prof could teach Blue to speak!

His dad sent the money, and you think that would be the end of the story... But sure enough, after a couple of months, the boy had blown through all the money his daddy had sent him, and he had to write home.

He said that Blue was speaking fine, but now there's a course that can teach a dog to read, but it costs two thousand dollars. Daddy asked if he was sure that the dog could learn to read, and the boy reassured him. Of course, Daddy sent the check.

The semester was coming to an end, and the boy was packing for a trip home. But he knew that when Daddy could see that the dog could neither speak nor read, there would be some " 'splainin' to do."

So he shot the dog.

When the boy got back to the house, his Daddy asked him if Blue could speak, as the professor had promised.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, he talks fine. And he can read good, too!"

He continued: "In fact, as I was packing to come home, I saw him sitting on the couch doing his regular morning thing of reading "The Wall Street Journal". He asked where I was headed, and I told him I was going home for the semester break.
But next, Daddy, he asked me, "Hey, did your Momma ever find out about that red-headed stripper that your Daddy was running around with?"

Daddy interrupted, and said, "I hope you shot that dog! I don't want Momma to find out about that stuff!"

And the boy said, "I did, Daddy, I shot that son-of-a-bitch right in the head!"

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